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LEGAL is an adult entertainment directory that has been created and/or depicted by consenting adults and, much like the Yellow Pages, is for informational purposes only.

By using this site, which may include explicit language and/or provocative images that fall within the rubric of BDSM (bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadism, masochism), you affirm the following:


  • I have reached the age of majority in my jurisdiction (i.e. legal adult),

  • I am aware of my community's laws around viewing adult material and am in compliance with them

  • I do not object to this type of material or find it offensive and I view it at my discretion

  • My adherence to and negligence of any laws related to adult material are solely my responsibility

  • I will not hold or any involved parties liable for my violation of the above statements


By interacting with this site you agree with these terms.

If you are a minor in your community or if you find this material offensive and do not consent to viewing and interacting with it, close this window.


Inclusion on this site does not imply endorsement, a guarantee of quality, your safety, or adherence to laws within that practitioner's jurisdiction, which are solely the responsibility of the individual. is not liable for dissatisfaction of service, harm, or any violation of the law by either provider or client.

Please, always do your due diligence before contacting any of the providers on this site.

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